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Which one is better, wired earphones or wireless earphones?

Both of these earphones are actually pretty good, so let's talk about them first.

1. The essential difference between wireless earphones and wired earphones is that the former uses data cables to transmit data, while the latter USES wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or WIFI to transmit data.

2. For product selection, different earphones should be selected according to the purpose. If it is general study and listen to the news to use, can choose the earphones that the price is lower. If you want to enjoy music to the best, choose high fidelity earphones, the most convenient is a wireless earphone.

3. The disadvantage of the wired earphone is its earphone cable because it is with the cable, so it may not be convenient to store, easy to mess up, it takes a lot of time to unite, giving a bad experience.

4.Wireless Bluetooth headset is unable to use for a long time, only can be used about three to five hours after charged one time. Hoever, a wired headset can plan as long as your mobile phone and electricity can be used.

Therefore, choose wireless earphones or wired headphones is depending on your main demands.

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