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Canalys' forecast report shows that from 2020 to 2024, the compound annual growth rate of #TWS is about 19.8%, far exceeding the 6.7% compound annual growth rate of wearable devices; the total global shipments of wearable devices and TWS in 2020 is up to 436.5 million units, including 250 million TWS ; in 2021, the total global shipments of wearable devices and TWS are about 558.3 million units, and TWS are about 350 million units; and 2022-2024, shipments are expected to exceed 500 million units. 2.Canalys believes that there are two reasons for the fast growth of TWS and wearable devices in the short term. First, the impact of the epidemic will extend the cycle for consumers to replace period higher-priced consumer electronic products such as smartphones, and the "lipstick effect" will drive consumers to purchase products with lower prices to meet shopping needs; second, in addition to sports and health monitoring-related wearable devices, the increasing demands for work and entertainment in indoor activities such as home office and mobile games has promoted the rapid growth of the related smart accessories market. This is especially obvious for TWS market.





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