Smart Audio Glasses E10

New E10 bluetooth call glasses, eye protection and anti-blue blue bluetooth headset, cross-border exclusive sunglasses, OEM


2021 latest design, hot-selling Smart audio glasses E10

Frame material: resin
Lens material: UV400 anti-ultraviolet or blue light lens
Battery capacity: 110mAH, 200 hours of standby (under Bluetooth connection), 5-7 hours of use
Lens color: black, transparent, gradient gray
Product weight: 323.4g
Product size: 178*75*80mm
Packing quantity: 50 sets/carton
Carton size: 375*390*425mm
Outer box weight: 682g
Product selling points:It can make calls or listen to music, which solves the trouble of easy loss of TWS Bluetooth earphone.
novel appearance, Bluetooth call, music listening, navigation, voice assistant, rain/sweat proof, magnetic line charging


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